Itinerary Overview

Leave the fast-paced, modern world behind

Follow the Viking trail aboard the new National Geographic Endurance on a voyage from Norway to the far-flung islands and archipelagos of the North Atlantic. Cruise the famed Norwegian fjords and the magical Lofoten islands, explore Bronze Age sites in Scotland’s Shetland Islands, and delve into the legacy of the Vikings amid the turf-roofed cottages of the Faroe Islands. Then trace Iceland’s most remote shorelines, witnessing geological wonders from volcanoes to thundering waterfalls.

  • Aboard the National Geographic Endurance, glide into Norway’s spectacular fjords, and explore secluded inlets and coves by kayak or Zodiac.
  • Encounter the Bronze Age ruins and Viking longhouses of Jarlshof, a prehistoric settlement in the Shetlands.
  • Discover the unique culture of the Faroe Islands, where residents cling proudly to their Viking heritage.
  • Observe nesting seabirds in dramatic settings—on Iceland’s skyscraping Látrabjarg cliffs and amid the towering peaks of the Lofoten islands.