Galápagos Itineraries

With two expedition ships operating year-round in Galápagos you’re guaranteed to find a departure date that fits your travel schedule. And to help you take advantage of your time in South America, we also offer itineraries that effortlessly link your Galápagos cruise tour with a mainland journey to Peru including Machu Picchu, to experience the wonder of the wild and the cultural in one seamless experience.

Galápagos Itineraries and Special Offers

Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II

10 days

Year Round

From $7,410 to $17,320

From 463,125 to 1,082,500 World of Hyatt points

Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Islander

10 days

Year Round

From $7,780 to $15,850

From 486,250 to 990,625 World of Hyatt points

Wild Galápagos Escape

7 days

Year Round

From $5,900 to $10,790

From 368,750 to 674,375 World of Hyatt points